SSMHA Concussion Policy (Saugeen Shores Minor Hockey)

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Please Note - Pre-Season Pre-Concussion Baseline Training is recommended for all Bantam and Midget players for the 2021-2022 season. See information below bullet point 7.

Saugeen Shores Minor Hockey Association Concussion Policy

 Saugeen Shores Minor Hockey Association (SSMHA) is committed to the long-term health and safety of our players. In recent years, the understanding of the challenges of concussion has increased. We are responding by taking the following steps to help protect our players:


1. Requirement that all players and parents familiarize themselves with Concussion signs and symptoms and sign the SSMHA Concussion Code of Conduct prior to going on the ice. This is in keeping with Rowan's Law which was enacted on July 1 2019. Coaches and Bench Staff are required to complete a similar SSMHA Concussion Code of Conduct for Bench Staff.

Recommended education for parents and players

a.      Watch parachute Canada video

b.      Watch Dr Mike Evans ‘Concussion 101’

3.     Implementing strict adherence to the Hockey Canada Concussion Policy 

4.     Providing the Hockey Canada Concussion Card / Concussion Education and Awareness Program to all coaches and trainers in the trainers box to assist in concussion recognition on the ice and bench

5.     Recommending the 6-Step Return to Play 

6.     Insistence on completion of Concussion Follow-Up and Communication Form prior to return to competitive play

7.     We recommend that all Bantam and Midget players to receive pre-season pre-concussion baseline testing.

Pre-Season Pre-Concussion Baseline Testing

We recommend that all Bantam and Midget players receive pre-season pre-concussion baseline testing through Bruce County Chiropractic and Rehabilitation Center. The Center has staff with extended training in concussion diagnosis and management. Younger players are also eligible, with understanding that the standardized testing tool is appropriate for as young as 12 years of age.

5098 Hwy 21
Port Elgin, ON
N0H 2C5, 519-832-6688.

- Staff (Brock McDonald, Adam Holborn and Dr Justine Watson) use a standardized and validated tool called ‘Impact’.

- Contact the clinic at 519-832-6688 for appointment.

- Testing results are only valid for one year (as young brains are still growing) so this must be completed each year. Those who did the testing in spring for soccer do not have to repeat for hockey in fall.

- This testing has a charge of $50 and can be reimbursed by most extended health benefits.

- For those families without extended health benefits, please contact the SSMHA for help as we have sponsorship monies specifically for this purpose. Contact [email protected] if needed.

Post-Concussion Testing

- Players suspected of concussion should be seen by a physician or health care practitioner trained in concussion diagnosis and management as soon as possible after injury. Staff will see players for follow-up testing.

Forms can be found at...