Respect in Sport (Saugeen Shores Minor Hockey)

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Respect in Sport

The Ontario Minor Hockey Association (OMHA) is implementing a plan to ensure that all Minor Hockey Associations are a complete Respect integrated organization.


The Respect in Sport parent program is an online proactive, educational program that empowers parents with the tools to ensure the game is enjoyable and respectful for themselves, their children and all other stakeholders in the game. 


Effective August 31, 2014, at least one parent or guardian of each minor hockey player on an OMHA roster will be required to have completed the online Respect in Sport Parent Education Program as a condition of their child's participation.


The cost of the online Respect in Sport Parent Education Program is

$12 plus HST which can be paid via credit card or PayPal when registering online. SSMHA does not reimburse parents for this course. For more information please go to the following site


To access the Course please go to the following site


When completing the on-line course it is important to ensure that all your children participating in OMHA hockey are properly entered in the "Child Management" screen. The names of children should be entered using the same spelling as when they were first registered in hockey. If you cannot find your child in the system please contact [email protected] for assistance. 


Thank you for your commitment to the safety, enjoyment and success of your child, and all OMHA participants.